美东景点比如巧克力王国,自由女神,纽约百老汇,woodbury【名牌厂商outlet】,和纽约第5大道【名牌街,名牌手表,西服 连苹果专卖店也在那里】纽约唐人街【美国历史最久最大的华人集中点】。洛克菲勒和帝国大厦 可以让你看到纽曼哈顿的全景。无畏号航空母舰对面就是纽约华人总领事馆。波士顿的著名大学哈佛和麻省理工学院,华盛顿的白宫,国会山庄,航天航空博物馆。我们欢迎您随时联系我们 ,我们将会给你提供最好的服务。

East Coast: Kingdom of Chocolate, Status of Liberty,Broadway, Fifth Avenue, China Town in NYC. Harvard, MIT in Boston. White House, Capitol hill, Aero Museum in Washington DC and the liberty bell in Philadelphia. Also, Niagara Falls and west point military academy are inevitable scenery.



The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2015 population of 8,550,405 distributed over a land area of about 302.6 square miles (784 km2), New York City is also the most densely populated major city in the United States. Located at the southern tip of the state of New York, the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. A global power city, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment, its fast pace[16] defining the term New York minute. Home to the headquarters of the United Nations, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world.

There is simply no place in the United States as brimming with opportunities as New York City. Those of us who live here open our doors to incredible options each and every day: The chance to experience the best and newest in the worlds of art, theater, dance, and music; the ability to feast on expertly prepared foods from all over the world; the belief that we can make our voices heard on political issues, in this news media capital of the nation; and the opportunity to meet today’s movers and shakers. The ambitious come here because they know that if they want to achieve a certain level of prominence in their careers or in the eyes of the world, New York is the place to do it.



华盛顿-华盛顿D.C 是美国的首都,位于美国东北部,是为纪念美国开国元勋乔治·华盛顿和发现美洲新大陆的哥伦布命名的。华盛顿在行政上由联邦政府直辖,不属于任何一个州。景点都有 林肯纪念堂,国会图书馆,华盛顿纪念碑还有各种博物馆。

Washington, D.C., capital of the United States, coextensive (since 1878, when Georgetown became a part of Washington) with the District of Columbia (2000 pop. 572,059), on the Potomac River; inc. 1802. The city is the center of a metropolitan area (1990 pop. 3,923,574) extending into Maryland and Virginia. With the city of Baltimore to its north in Maryland, it forms a consolidated metropolitan area of some 6.7 million people. Washington is the legislative, administrative, and judicial center of the United States but has little industry; its business is government, and hundreds of thousands are so employed in the metropolitan area. The city is also a major tourist attraction and a cultural center.

Washington has long been a gateway for African Americans emigrating from the South, and since the 1960s has had a (now diminishing) black majority. Many citizens live in poverty, and social problems have been exacerbated by the transient nature of the governmental workforce and the District's lack of political power.






One of the most historic cities in America, Philadelphia is an ideal place to spend a weekend - preferably a long one. Be sure to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. Both are part of Independence National Historic Park. While you are walking around the historic area, you may encounter Philadelphia's most famous citizen, Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia also boasts some outstanding art museums, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Barnes Foundation (located in the nearby suburb of Merion, PA). Philadelphia offers many attractions suitable for families with children, including the Please Touch Museum, The Academy of Natural Sciences, the Franklin Institute Science Museum, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Adventure Aquarium (just over the river in Camden NJ), and Sesame Place (in nearby Langhorne, PA). After all that sightseeing, you'll be hungry, so head over to Reading Terminal Market, where you can sample a variety of local and ethnic foods, including Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, or take a walk through the famous Italian Market. While you're in Philadlephia, don't forget to try a soft pretzel with mustard and a Philly cheesesteak.



波士顿-波士顿是美国马萨诸塞州的首府和最大城市,也是新英格兰地区的最大城市,该市位于美国东北部大西洋沿岸,创建于1630年,是美国最古老、最有文化价值的城市之一。波士顿是美国革命期间一些重要事件的发生地点,曾经是一个重要的航运港口和制造业中心。今天,该市是高等教育和医疗保健的中心,它的经济基础是科研、金融与技术—特别是生物工程,并被认为是一个全球性城市或世界性城市。包括有很多的名牌大学都在波士顿,比如 波士顿大学,哈佛大学,麻省理工学院 等......


Boston had been a thriving city long before the United States itself existed. Founded in the 17th century, Boston has been the center of attention in New England since the colonial period. Today's Boston continues to boast some of the best attractions to be found in the Northeastern US. As the "cradle of the Revolution," Boston is full of history like no other city in America. For over 350 years, some of the world's greatest patriots, writers, thinkers, athletes and artists have called Boston their home, leaving an indelible mark on this incredible city in the process. In addition to history, Boston boasts a wonderful cultural tradition. There are currently more than 23 major theatres, orchestras, and symphonies in Boston, and more small theatres numbering into the hundreds. The Old Corner Bookstore was a favorite meeting-place for Hawthorne, Longfellow, Emerson, Thoreau and other great American writers. The Museum of Fine Arts is the largest museum in New England, and is the centerpiece of a collection of art museums that are spread all across the city. Sports fans can attend professional basketball, hockey, and baseball games involving some of America's greatest teams. Football fans can enjoy professional games or college-level ball at many of Boston's dozens of colleges and universities. Millions of visitors a year come to Boston for its history, and once they arrive they discover that there's even more to enjoy in this amazing city.



尼亚加拉瀑布-位于加拿大安大略省和美国纽约州的交界处,是北美东北部尼亚加拉河上的大瀑布,也是美洲大陆最著名的奇景之一。平均流量5,720立方米/秒,与伊瓜苏瀑布、维多利亚瀑布并称为世界三大跨国瀑布。尼亚加拉瀑布一直吸引人们到此度蜜月、走钢索横越瀑布或者坐木桶漂游瀑布。他们配备了4艘游船,每艘能载客数百人,其中有一艘叫“雾中少女” 雾中少女的来历【传说】是在300年前居住在当地的印第安人为了供给雷神而每年都派一个少女当代表坐在木舟上带着水果,冲下瀑布。可是那个少女没有死,并且带着仇恨住在瀑布里的一个山洞里。至今现在有乘客说 看到过雾中少女了【在雾气里面看到影子】。

Niagara Falls, one of the great natural wonders of the world, displays in unforgettable fashion the sheer force of Mother Nature. Six million cubic feet of water drop over the precipice every minute, creating so much spray that you'll see the mist long before you see the falls themselves. Maid of the Mist sightseeing boat tours travel right to the base of the thundering Horseshoe Falls and soaks spellbound passengers. More peaceful displays of nature lie all along the river gorge, along Ontario's Niagara Parkway.






Founded in 1802, West Point is our nation’s oldest service academy. Graduates of West Point “serve this nation honorably, sharing a strong sense of purpose, pride, and satisfaction that comes from meaningful service to others.” Attending the United States Military Academy is a wonderfully unique and challenging experience. West Point is a four-year college with a mission to develop leaders of character for our army—leaders who are inspired to careers as commissioned officers and lifetime service to the nation. The students of West Point (called cadets) are selected from the most talented, energetic, and well-rounded young people in the country. Located on 16,000 acres in the scenic Hudson Valley region of New York State, West Point is conveniently situated just fifty miles north of New York City. The year-round pageantry and tradition make the Military Academy a national treasure and a popular tourist spot. People come from all over the world to see cadets in action, and there is so much to see.